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Understanding Meraki Licenses - New & Renewal Subscriptions

Meraki currently offers three types of licensing models: subscription licensing, co-termination licensing (co-term), and per-device licensing (PDL). This empowers customers to choose licensing models that align with their unique business needs.

Key Definitions

Meraki Dashboard: A modern web browser-based tool used to configure Meraki devices and services.Account: A Meraki user's account, used for accessing and managing their Meraki organizations.Organization: A logical container for Meraki networks managed by one or more accounts.

Meraki Subscription Licensing

Meraki Subscription Licensing is an innovative licensing model that offers customers enhanced flexibility and simplicity in terms of payment methods, configurations, management, and scalability. This model is better aligned to customer outcomes, making it easier to consume Meraki solutions while also meeting their growing business needs.As of September 2023, if you are creating a new Meraki organization, you will automatically default to the co-term licensing model. If you wish to be on Meraki subscription licensing, your organization will be changed automatically once you claim a subscription licensing key in the Meraki dashboard.

Meraki Co-Termination Licensing (Co-Term)

Meraki co-term licensing is applied on an organization-wide basis, resulting in a single expiration date for every Meraki device managed in an organization. That date is dynamically calculated based on a weighted average of the license types purchased and claimed into your dashboard organization. This is accomplished by averaging all active licenses together and dividing by the license limit or allowed count of Meraki devices in the organization. The single expiration date for all Meraki devices in that organization is dynamically recalculated (by the Meraki dashboard) with each license and hardware claim.

Meraki Per-Device Licensing (PDL)

For customers who would like to move to per-device licensing, you will have to opt-in via Meraki Support for an approval process. Per-device licensing allows customers to assign a license directly to a specific device or network.Key Features of Per-Device Licensing:
  • Move licenses between organizations: Organizational admin (read/write) on multiple organizations can move licenses (or licenses and devices together) between those organizations without calling Meraki support. This functionality is available through the dashboard and APIs.
  • 90-day license activation window: You will have up to 90 days to claim and assign your licenses before they activate.
  • APIs: APIs are available to claim, assign, and move licenses.
  • Individual device shutdowns: If a license expires on a device, Meraki will only shut down that device or product after the 30-day grace period.
NOTE: You are not able to mix and match any of the licensing models.

Subscription Licensing SKUs

Meraki Subscription Licensing SKUs are hardware agnostic. A single SKU can cover multiple hardware devices within a device model family, enabling smooth ordering and facilitating hardware upgrades without licensing changes.Meraki offers subscription licenses for the following product families:

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