Meraki Security Camera License

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SECURE AND ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE: Centralized cloud management offers one of the most secure platforms available for camera operation. All access to the camera is encrypted with a public key infrastructure (PKI) that includes individual camera certificates. Integrated two-factor authentication provides strong access controls.

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Local video is also encrypted by default and adds a final layer of security that can't be turned off. All software updates are managed automatically for the delivery of new features and to enable rapid security updates. Scheduled maintenance windows ensure the MV family continues to address users' needs with the delivery of new features as part of the all-inclusive licensed service.

All of MV's video analytics tools are built right into the dashboard for quick access. Plus, the standard MV license covers all of these tools, with no additional licensing or costs required.


Each Meraki Security Camera requires a license.  The Meraki MV Enterprise Licenses come in 1,3,5,7,10 year terms to choose from.  If you're in doubt, just contact us with your type of security camera and we'll make sure you get the right Meraki license to keep your surveillance equipment updated with the latest software. We're a top rated Meraki partner and will deliver the best prices and fast processing on all Meraki license and Meraki license renewal orders.