Meraki Switch License

cisco meraki switch licenseMeraki License

A Cisco Meraki switch license is necessary for a Meraki switch to function, but you're getting far more than just a software license. The cloud-based network allows for truly zero-touch plug-and-play installation, with the network automatically re-configuring itself to best utilize the hardware detected. All configuration and security is automatically applied to the hardware. The mesh-based system guarantees your network is always fully optimized.

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MS42 License
MS120 License

MS220 License
MS225 License
MS250 License
MS320 License
MS350 License
MS410 License
MS420 License
MS425 License

Additionally, proper licensing brings full technical assistance and warranty support to your Meraki switch, including 24x7 telephone support and defective hardware replacement, for the entire licensing term. This also includes automatic OS and security system updates, freeing your admin of the need to keep up with updates manually.

You have your option of 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10-year licensing terms, which you can explore below. Each Meraki PoE switch and non-PoE switch must use a specific MS-series license. If you're licensing more than a handful of devices at a time, we recommend you call us here at Hummingbird Networks for discounted pricing.

Plus, no matter how many Meraki switches and other devices you have, even thousands, they can all be overseen through a single interface - the Meraki Dashboard.

For years, network admins have wished for a network architecture that "just worked," without the seemingly-endless tweaking and administration that's been necessary for enterprise-grade networks. This is exactly what Cisco Meraki has delivered with their MS-series line of switches, which utilize an innovative cloud-based architecture to make management as simple as possible.

Hummingbird Networks is a top rated Cisco Meraki partner. We provide the best prices and fast processing on all Meraki license order and Meraki license renewals. If you have any questions about Cisco Meraki switch licenses please feel free to contact us.