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cisco meraki ms420 license  Meraki MS420 License



1 Year License
3 Year License
5 Year License
7 Year License
10 Year License



1 Year License
3 Year License
5 Year License
7 Year License
10 Year License

In larger businesses running a Meraki switch network, the MS420 series of aggregation switches are a vital component. While the revolutionary Meraki mesh-based system itself can scale up to even tens of thousands of devices, you still need internal switching solutions that can ensure full access to individual users and appliances. These MS420 aggregation switches also need to be kept fully licensed, to ensure they continue to function properly and keep your network running smoothly.

Hummingbird Networks has all the licenses needed to keep your MS420-24 or MS420-48 hardware running. A proper license grants them access to the shared cloud system which is at the heart of Meraki networking, allowing them to seamlessly self-configure as well as keeping their software updated. Licensed hardware automatically updates its own software whenever new versions are rolled out, including both the OS and any anti-malware systems you have installed. Your system administrator never has to worry about keeping software up-to-date.

Additionally, a Meraki license brings substantial support benefits. Meraki warranties last as long as the license. With a ten-year license, your hardware is guaranteed against failure for the full decade. Likewise, you get unlimited technical assistance by phone or chat. Unlike most other brands, they don't require separate contracts for support - it's all included in the Meraki license.

Hummingbird Networks carries Meraki MS420 Licenses for:

  • One Year
  • Three Years
  • Five Years
  • Seven Years
  • Ten Years

You can browse your options in hardware and term combinations above. Or, if you have a large number of appliances installed, just give Hummingbird Networks a call. As a fully-approved Meraki partner, we can quickly assess the contents of your network and ensure you get the right licenses needed to keep everything running. Our top level partnership with Meraki enables us to provide the best pricing and fast delivery on all Meraki license orders and Meraki license renewals.