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MS450 Switches ms450-12

The Cisco Meraki MS450 brings powerful high-bandwidth switching to the aggregation layer. The 40G fiber aggregation switch with 100G uplinks adopts the benefits of the cloud with simplified management, reduced complexity, and network-wide visibility.

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Meraki aggregation switches are built from the ground up to be easy to manage without compromising the power and flexibility traditionally found in enterprise-class switches. To bring up a Meraki switch, simply plug it in. Meraki switches do not require CLI for switch configuration or port management. Meraki’s centralized management gives administrators granular visibility into their network. The dashboard helps you keep track of every configuration change in your network with detailed event and change logs.


Cloud management has a number of benefits that make it easier to build campus networks:

• Automatic email alerts from power loss, downtime, or configuration changes

• Powerful remote diagnostic tools such as packet capture to help isolate and troubleshoot network issues

• Role-based administration

• Firmware upgrades and enhancements from the Meraki cloud

• Virtual Stacking enables switch port configuration changes on the dashboard interface without the need to physically stack switches

• Incredible network transparency with application, operating system, client, and hostname visibility

• Zero-touch provisioning for rapid deployment across sites

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