cisco meraki mx67 mx67-hw

Designed for the needs of smaller operations that need a professional-quality firewall, the Meraki MX67 is a perfect entry point into the line, with a price to fit nearly any SMB budget.

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Backed by the expertise of Cisco, the MX67 is a highly functional and effective hardware stateful firewall.  More powerful than previous "entry level" models in the MX series, the MX67 allows for 450Mbps of throughput, and can accommodate the needs of up to fifty users at once.  This gives it the power and flexibility to provide for a small office, shop, or cafe, protecting employees and customers alike.

Beyond the stateful firewall, the MX67 offers other features which growing businesses will appreciate.  AutoVPN systems make it simple to configure safe VPN tunnels, allowing up to 50 secured connections at once.  IPSec security protects every connection.  Active Directory integration and Identity-based policies make it easy for the MX67 to fit into your existing network.  For added protection, it also includes a USB port for 3G/4G tethering, providing failover support.

Users who need to go beyond the basics can also upgrade their MX67 to include Meraki's Advanced Security Services license.  This brings even more features, including content filtering, Google SafeSearch integration, anti-malware modules, and robust intrusion detection and prevention systems.

All this is easily controlled through the simple Meraki Dashboard, allowing even beginners to quickly set up security policies and create user permissions groups.  As with all Meraki hardware, it interfaces seamlessly with any other Meraki devices to create a self-reinforcing and self-healing network mesh.

No other networking brand on the market offers so much power and flexibility, while still remaining accessible to networking newcomers.  For a full consultation on the benefits of Meraki networking, contact Hummingbird Networks today.