cisco meraki mx67C cisco meraki mx67C

The Meraki MX67C is designed for smaller operations in need of a high-quality enterprise class firewall, with a particular emphasis on continuity of service.  With the MX67C in your office, even Internet outages won't bring operations to a halt.

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The MX67C is a Cisco-powered stateful inspection hardware firewall capable of 450Mbps of throughput.  It is recommended for use by 50 people or less.  Along with the main firewall, it also offers robust support for VPN tunneling.  The MX67C can host up to 50 VPN connections at once, setting them up easily with AutoVPN configuration systems, and protecting them with IPSec security.  Should you already have other Meraki hardware or security appliances on your network, the MX67C works seamlessly alongside them.

What makes the MX67C stand out is its integrated LTE Cat 6 connection, supporting both 3G and 4G cellular networks.  Should the MX67C lose primary Internet access, it can instantly rollover to utilize its LTE modem as a backup.  This makes it perfect for operations where continuity of service is a requirement, even in adverse situations.

You can further enhance your MX67C with the optional Advanced Security License, which we highly recommend.  This adds many vital new features, particularly auto-updating anti-malware systems and a powerful intrusion detection and prevention module.  You get far more protection with the Advanced Security License, and fully unlock the power of your MX67C.

In any case, the MX67C is simple to configure, thanks to Meraki's single-pane-of-glass dashboard interface. This cloud-based system can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, giving you instant access to your critical security systems.  Configuration is simple enough that even networking newcomers can quickly learn the GUI, while still providing the flexibility expected of business-grade firewalls.

Investing in Meraki hardware can get your small business off to the right start!  Contact Hummingbird Networks for a full consultation.