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One of the biggest problems which has always plagued system administrators is trying to diagnose end-user problems with applications.  When an SaaS application is under-performing, how do you figure out where the problem lies?

For owners of Meraki MX-series security appliances, there is now a simple answer to this question:  Meraki Insight.

Meraki Insight is a licensed software upgrade to the Meraki Dashboard which significantly extends an administrator's visibility into the end-user experience.  Through Meraki Insight, they can diagnose issues involving WAN congestion, server processing times, authentication delays, unresponsive cloud apps and more.   This means true end-to-end oversight of a network, from backbone to app, all in one single easy-to-use dashboard interface.

Through the Meraki Dashboard, all HTTP and HTTPS applications can be viewed side-by-side with hardware.  Administrators can set acceptable usage thresholds, receiving alerts whenever performance dips below standard.  In many cases, they will be able to detect and adjust for performance issues before users even call in to report problems!

Meraki Insight also extends Meraki's famous data-gathering capabilities.  Metrics on application performance are available along with all other metrics, allowing for long-term tracking and predictive action.  

Meraki Insight licenses are available for terms of 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 years.   Supported devices include:

Throughput of Meraki Insight ranges from 200Mbps to greater than 2Gbps, dictated by the capacity of the MX device paired with the software. 

Demonstrating their ability to continually push the state-of-the-art in networking, there is no other software package on the market like Meraki Insight.  Administrators of businesses with a significant investment into SaaS applications will see better performance, and lower support costs, by embracing Meraki Insight.

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