Meraki Go

meraki go

Meraki Go was built for the small office or business owner and are the  Easiest products to configure on the market. 

Take advantage of cloud-powered capabilities such as automatic updates, network health, remote access, in-app support, intelligent security—all without any subscription. All the powerful settings such as bandwidth limit, port alerts, multiple WiFi, web-blocking, guest WiFi, location intelligence, and splash pages, are just a few taps away. Meraki Go provides easy networking for busy people.


Meraki Go is a complete networking solution that’s simple, mobile, and secure. With the suite of hardware products that are managed all through Meraki Go Mobile App—you can get started in minutes, manage both WiFi and ethernet networks, do one-tap security configuration, get automatic software, security, and firmware updates, and monitor network health. Take advantage of all these cloud-powered capabilities without any subscription.

Additionally, this remotely accessible mobile app gives you in-app tech support. Manage business wireless access points by adjusting bandwidth for video-streaming or downloads, blocking malicious websites, keeping WiFi separate for specific business tasks, and more. For real-time tasks such as VoIP, video chats, and security cameras that need faster and more secure connections, Meraki Go Network Switches and Security Gateway allow you to leverage Ethernet networks easily and securely. All the powerful settings such as guest WiFi, location intelligence, and splash pages, are just a few taps away in the app.

A security subscription for protection from phishing and malware is also available to be purchased for additional security. Whether your business is providing guest WiFi, running a corporate network, or protecting point-of-sale devices, Meraki Go will make sure your network is both secure and a joy to use.