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Meraki Go Network Switchesmeraki go switch

As a small business, your network may need to expand quickly.  A simple WiFi router may be enough at the start, but eventually you'll want to add devices that need wired connections, or speeds beyond what WiFi can provide. 

Fortunately, Meraki Go Network Switches are both highly affordable and extremely easy to use, requiring no particular technical expertise to operate.  They're an excellent choice for smaller businesses that want a robust, expandable network - but without having to invest in a lot of technical training, or an IT worker.

These switches are so easy to use, they practically operate themselves.  You just plug in the device that needs an internet connection, and the smart onboard software makes everything else simple.  With Meraki Go Network Switches, you can quickly add desktop computers, laptops, VoIP phones, "Internet of Things" smart devices, and much more.  

You've got three options depending on your needs:

  • An 8-port model, with a maximum capacity of 20Gbps
  • A 24-port model, with a maximum capacity of 56Gbps
  • A 48-port model, with a maximum capacity of 104Gbps

Whichever you choose, they come with multiple Gigabit-speed Ethernet connections, to keep the data flowing under high load.  They can go anywhere, as well.  Even the larger models can be placed on a desktop, if needed, or in a server rack.  You also get support for virtual LANs, to host multiple networks on the same devices, as well as smart Quality-of-Service features that prioritize apps like VoIP phone calls that require stable connections.

Plus, you can monitor everything your network is doing, across every port, simply by accessing it through the Meraki Go smartphone app.  There's no simpler way to manage a business network, while still enjoying full business-class service.

Hummingbird Networks carries a full line of Meraki Go hardware and licenses.  Contact us for a full consultation!