Meraki MT Sensors

Businesses need a complete view of data to make sound decisions. While businesses have a good grip on embracing and utilizing data in the business world, they are yet to fully visualize the physical world. Meraki is introducing a range of sensors to prevent loss and increase operational efficiency with ease.

The Cisco Meraki MT product family is a line of cloud managed sensor that is exceptionally simple to configure and deploy due to its integration with the Meraki dashboard and the use of BLE technology. The MT family eliminates the complex and costly setup required by traditional solutions by removing the limitations of placement of these sensors.

Quickly provision and manage thousands of sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, leaks, and intrusion. Simply insert the batteries and add to the dashboard. MT sensors automatically connect to existing MR and MV devices. Say good-bye to on-premises servers, dedicated gateways, and management software. Understand trends about your physical environment. Improve safety, security, and operational decision-making through a data-driven approach. Build on top of the Meraki platform using APIs or the vast ecosystem partner community and further enhance operations.

Cisco Meraki Sensors:

  • MT10 - Temperature and Humidity
  • MT20 - Open/Close Detection
  • MT12 – Water Detection

Each Meraki MT sensor features a Trust Anchor module (TAm), which securely authenticates the device and encrypts all communication with the sensor gateways. The magic of Meraki comes to the IoT sensor world; the Meraki dashboard makes it easy to configure and manage multiple sites from anywhere. Combined with automated firmware updates, Cisco Meraki MT sensors pack a powerful security punch in a smart package.

Real-time visibility into IT environments made simple. To learn more about the Meraki MT Sensors click through to the product page or contact Hummingbird Networks directly for information from a specialist!