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Hummingbird Has The Cisco Meraki Accessories You Need To Get The Most From Your Meraki Network

Meraki has advanced the state of the art in corporate networking.  For decades, business networks were complicated and difficult to maintain, with optimal performance requiring dedicated work and constant oversight from expert staff.  However, Meraki has introduced a new way of handling networks, one which has opened up the field for anyone to have an excellent corporate network.

The Meraki architecture is based around a cloud-accessed mesh system in which every piece of Meraki hardware is aware of every other piece.  Rather than requiring top-down configuration from administrators, Meraki networks are self-optimizing.  The network protocols automatically make best use of the hardware.  Meraki networks are self-healing as well.  If a piece of hardware fails, the network automatically adapts and works around it to minimize the impact on day-to-day operations.

Administrators don't even have to worry about updates.  As long as the Meraki network is properly licensed, the system OS automatically downloads all relevant updates as soon as they're released and installs them seamlessly

This dedication to ease-of-use carries through to the user side as well.  Regardless of the size of the network, a single dashboard GUI is able to oversee and control everything - even if the network spans continents.  Everything is available to administrators through a cloud-based interface, from top-level oversight to highly granular device- or user-level access controls.  It's all in one place.

Hummingbird offers a full range of Meraki hardware options, including:

  • Access points: MR-series WiFi access points feature state-of-the-art 802.11ac Wave 2 technology.
  • Switches:  There are MS-series switches of all sizes, suitable for tiny startups or global-scale corporate backbones.
  • Security appliances:  MX-series firewalls and other security hardware offer top-line protections against intrusion and malware.
  • Security cameras:  New Meraki MV-series cameras make visual security as simple and easy as Meraki network security.
  • Telecommunications: Meraki MC-series phones allow for robust Unified Communications with stylish looks.
  • Legacy parts:  Items such as hardware mounting kits, brackets, and older hardware can help maintain your Meraki network over the years.

If your company needs a network solution which is simultaneously capable of top speeds and unlimited scalability, while remaining simple to manage and oversee from day to day, Meraki may have exactly what you need.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more - or request a free in-office trial.