Meraki Cellular Gateways

The Cisco Meraki Cellular Gateways simplify the path to wireless WAN connectivity and makes cellular a viable uplink option for many networks. The MG Series acts as a gateway to cellular networks, by converting LTE signal from a cellular provider to an ethernet handoff, which can be used as an internet uplink for a variety of use-cases.

Connectivity is critical for any organization that depends on reliable internet access to function. Wireless WAN connectivity options, such as cellular networks, serve as a reliable backup internet uplink in the event of a primary uplink failure. The MG Cellular Gateway effortlessly slots into your existing infrastructure, regardless of what it may be. Pair the MG with any router downstream to deliver primary or failover cellular support.

MG Cellular Gateways scale to organizations of all sizes: from single-site deployments to thousands of locations. APIs for MG enable effortless provisioning and configuration changes across large multi-site deployments.

Main Features:

  • 300 Mbps CAT 6 LTE Integrated modems
  • Supports 2 separate gateway connections
  • Small form factor
  • PoE or DC powered
  • IP67 rating
  • Zero touch provisioning

Meraki Cellular Gateways are managed from an elegant and intuitive centralized interface. Whether you are starting your Meraki journey with MG or continuing it with adding to your existing deployment, you are investing in a proven platform that is ready to offer you unprecedented visibility and management.

Designed to optimize cellular signal strength, the MG Cellular Gateway can be readily positioned away from a weak cellular signal in the network closet, to near a window, or even outdoors. Cisco Meraki MG cellular gateways seamlessly transpose a wireless cellular signal to wired Ethernet, providing primary or failover connectivity.

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