FortiAP Wireless Access Points

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Fortinet FortiAP Fortinet Wireless Series

Fortinet FortiAP access points are designed to integrate directly into your Fortinet security setup, extending the security fabric to cover your wireless deployments and ensuring you have top-quality security across the board.  These APs can be managed in multiple ways, but always offer either 802.11ac Wave 1 or Wave 2 speeds to guarantee your workforce still has access to the bandwidth they need.  Fortinet doesn't become a bottleneck.

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FortiAP access points include onboard security, as well as sharing security with the larger network.  They are most typically managed via FortiOS as part of a larger Fortinet deployment, and offer robust data collection, oversight, and reporting capabilities.  As with all Fortinet products, they remain simple to administer, and can be viewed through the single-pane-of-glass Fortinet interface.

There are three different series of FortiAP access points available:

  • FortiAP - Basic models, intended for widespread deployments into an environment with existing Fortinet services.  Both Wave 1 and Wave 2 models are available, bringing extra flexibility in a business's WiFi investment spend.
  • FortiAP Smart Access - High-powered APs with a full suite of security systems built directly into the hardware, including anti-virus capabilities, website monitoring, and application control.  All-in-one solutions for go-anywhere security WiFi.
  • FortiAP Universal Access - Universal Access APs accept the widest number of controller options - including FortiCloud, FortiGate firewalls, and FortiWLC standalone controllers - so they can be utilized in the widest possible variety of deployment scenarios.  

FortiAP access points also come in variations with either internal or external antennas (sold separately), and weatherproofed IP67 outdoor models are available as well.  For hospitality organizations or hospitals, there are also discrete low-profile wall socket variations available.

FortiAP access points bring you all the security of Fortinet, in affordable high-speed packages.  To learn more, explore the individual product lines in our catalog, or contact us directly for more information.