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When it comes to network security, it's truly a "wild west" situation at the moment.  With hackers, crackers, and other cyber-criminals lurking around the world in the darkest depths of the Internet, you can't rely on traditional centralized law enforcement to protect your network from intrusion.  Your network is only as safe as the hardware and software you deploy, and if you let down your guard, someone out there will take advantage of it.

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Fortinet knows that 21st Century network security is an arms race - and they've put themselves at the front of the pack.  Their cutting-edge next generation firewalls offer unparalleled protection to your network and VPN connections, utilizing custom hardware designed to speed packet processing and maintain high levels of throughput even under high loads.  Every Fortinet firewall and security appliance includes multiple custom chips all designed to reduce lag and prevent your firewall from becoming a bottleneck.

Nor does Fortinet only target large organizations, because they understand even startups may have need of enterprise-grade protection.  Their range of FortiGate and FortiWiFi security products include options for businesses of all ages and sizes, from startups to multi-national corporations.  And at competitive price-points, Fortinet makes it possible for every business to enjoy the benefits of top-grade system security.

Despite the power available, Fortinet products remain easy to operate.  After all, a firewall is only as effective as its administrator, and an overly-complicated security system invites mishap.  Every Fortinet security product can be operated and maintained using an intuitive GUI, paired with a single-pane-of-glass interface that gives a total overview of the entire security apparatus - no matter how large or small.  Rapid rollout options are also available, including zero-touch deployment options, further reducing the hassles of day-to-day security management.

Hummingbird Networks is proud to partner with Fortinet and offer a wide selection of their trendsetting smart next generation firewalls, with options in all price ranges.  To learn more, explore specific product lines within our catalog, or contact us for a full consultation.