Barracuda Rackmount.IT Kits

Rackmount ensures your desktop firewall is secured, powered, and cooled with tailored mount kit for your specific device. Rackmount develops specific rack kits for each of the top manufacturers of security and networking appliances. These devices include front-facing connections, secure power supply, custom cut-outs for airflow and a perfect fit for your specific device.

Barracuda develops next-generation firewalls that provide protection beyond the firewall. Barracuda devices give comprehensive protection for your on-premises and cloud deployment. With a Barracuda firewall, make sure your users are safe without worrying about threats. Protect your data, users, and workloads wherever they reside.

With a Rackmount kit for your Barracuda firewall, you can make sure that your device keeps doing its job optimally and that it is functioning efficiently. A Rackmount kit will keep your devices organized and easily accessible. The kit is tailored for specific listed models for a guaranteed perfect fit and easy access to the connection via the front ports.

Key Features:

  • o   Custom Airflow Cut-Outs
  • o   Front Positioned Connections
  • o   Fixated Appliance & Power Supply
  • o   CAT6 Cables and Couplers

Assembly takes only a few minutes. All you do is slide in your Barracuda security appliance into the mount kit, place the retainers and then fix the power supply to your rack. Easy as that, and that you have an organized rack with all your devices easily accessible for updates or upgrades. Simplify your security deployment and rack mounting with Rackmount’s mounting kits for Barracuda appliances.

All connections are easily accessible from the front providing a clean look. A fixed power supply secures the appliance from falling or accidental power loss. Mounting your networking appliances comes with a ton of benefits including:

  • An organized workspace
  • Superior device protection
  • Increased device reliability
  • Ease of maintenance and troubleshooting

Rackmount is a professionally looking and reliable solutions for your devices.  Quick installation, front facing network

connections, and a fixated power supply are a few of the great features of this product. Each mount kit is tailored to match your specific device. Rackmount rack mount kits solve common industry issues and help save you money. Shop now!