Cat6a Patch Cable

cat6a patch cords

Category 6A is the quickly becoming latest standard for of 10 Gigabit Ethernet cabling. Cat 6A cables are an improvement to first generation Category 6 cables, the “A” standing for augmented. Hummingbird Networks’ cables deliver lightning fast speeds, delivering a more reliable data transmission and making them suitable for 10G networks and high bandwidth needs. Our cables are engineered with the best in-class materials allowing them to prevent crosstalk and reduce electromagnetic interferences (EMI).

Future proof your network while still remaining backwards compatible with other versions such as Cat 5, Cat5e, and Cat6. Our Cat 6A patch cords are ideal for connection needs within data centers, offices, and homes.

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Hummingbird Networks Cat 6A specifications and options: 
• 24 AWG Copper 4 pairs, up to 550 MHz
• Colored PVC outer jacket
• RoHS Compliant
• Verified compliant with EIS/TIA standard by UL and ETL
• Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
• Shielded Twisted Pair (STP)
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

These cables are made of 4 tightly twisted pairs of copper wire in each cable terminated in the RJ-45 connector. The CAT6A UTP and STP molded types are available in lengths from 1ft to 100ft, and deliver speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Hummingbird Networks’ cables deliver reliable signal integrity while keeping you under budget. In addition, every one of our patch cables are fully backed by our own industry leading limited lifetime warranty guaranteeing you years of dependable connectivity!

Need advice on which Ethernet cable is right for you? Contact us, we’ll be glad to discuss your needs and select the right cable solution for you.