Cisco ASR 9000 Series Routers

Demand for ultra-low latency connections on both mobile and wireline networks is rising, putting pressure on networks to improve more quickly. In order to serve high-demand applications like Internet peering, metro aggregation, edge networks need to be scalable and feature-rich. The Cisco ASR 9000 series is revolutionizing edge network economics by providing a new level of feature richness and scalability (up to 400 GbE). Distributed edge network designs allow for the provision of new revenue-generating services and the relocation of edge computing and storage closer to the end user.

Hardware and software from Cisco's portfolio are necessary for this edge transformation to enable scalability, simplicity, trust, and security. The ASR 9000 is a mobile aggregation and content streaming (video, online gaming) edge platform with a high data rate and low latency. The ASR can support connections from 1G up to 400G, giving operators a scalable, long-term expansion platform. This platform can accommodate expanding or high-demand markets because to its carrier-class dependability, extensive system redundancy, and complete suite of network resilience techniques. These routers provide end-to-end solutions that make it easier and more efficient to set up and maintain networks that provide services to end users.