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HP switches provide high-end performance and world-class software options for achieving full system-wide wired and wireless unification with systems that are highly scalable and simple to deploy.  

A HP switch and a converged network allows seamless communication and sharing, regardless of the access point or device used.  Their powerful virtualization systems can create Dynamic Virtual Private Networks that span an entire campus or city-wide WAN, backed by FlexBranch and FlexFabric services to create a network that adapts to your needs.  The simple HP Intelligent Management Center brings it all together in a single interface that can control an entire distributed network, while requiring a minimum of on-site technical expertise.

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HP's commitment to open standards means that it isn't necessary to dedicate your site(s) to their hardware, or immediately replace what you have. HP switches can be installed with your existing infrastructure, while providing a firm foundation for your future upgrade path. 

HP switch and HP networking options are available for operations of all sizes. Their entry-level includes: a 8 port Gigabit switch for startups, while  their top-line fully-featured combined switching\routing solutions that feature multiple 10 Gigabit inputs and stacking throughput capacity that can exceed a terabyte a second.  HP networking hardware can grow as your operations grow, providing a superior ROI compared to many other brands on the market.

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