meraki ms120-48FPmeraki switches

As the top of the Cisco Meraki MS120 series, the MS120-48FP has everything a mid-sized organization needs for superior switching along with a large 740W PoE budget capable of powering a wide variety of downstream devices such as phones, cameras, and WiFi Access Points.  The MS120-48FP could be a staple of your Meraki network for years to come, particularly with how easy it is to move it from role to role as your network grows and changes. 

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Forty-eight Gigabit Ethernet ports backed up by four Gigabit SFP uplinks allow you to supply plenty of bandwidth to your location.  Need more throughput?  The MS120-48FP includes support for virtual stacking.  Create local or remote stacks, and quickly configure them in unison for simple management and capacity expansion.  

Thanks to the Meraki architecture, it's always easy to add capabilities or hardware to your network.  By utilizing an innovative cloud-based communication system, your Meraki network is always 'aware' of every device attached to it - local or remote - and is self-optimizing to make best use of each piece of hardware.  Should there ever be technical issues, it can also automatically route around them to create a self-healing network mesh that is almost impossible to bring down.

As administrator, you get one of the most robust and powerful GUI management systems on the market - the Meraki Dashboard.  This single-pane-of-glass interface gives you total control over every Meraki device on your network, no matter how large or geographically diverse.  From top-level universal policies, to individual device configurations, to app-level permissions, you have complete control over your Meraki network in an interface that's easy for anyone to learn.

Cisco Meraki are revolutionizing networking, and the MS120-48FP can be your gateway into their paradigm-shifting architecture.   Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more about the power of the MS120-48FP.