meraki ms120-8

meraki ms120

Entering into the world of Cisco Meraki networking has never been easier, thanks to the new Meraki MS120-8.  This one small box has everything a startup or small office needs to get a head start into the most advanced network architecture in the world, at a price point they can afford.  

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With eight Gigabit Ethernet ports, backed up by two SFP gigabit uplinks, there's plenty of speed here to keep a small office connected.  Layer 2 switching makes configuration simple, while keeping the device focused on delivering maximum throughput to attached devices.

Meraki's unique cloud-based mesh architecture makes building and expanding a network simple.  Once the software is initially deployed, it only takes a minute or two to add any new devices to the network.  No matter if they're switches, firewalls, WiFi access points, or other devices - Meraki products are self-configuring and automatically optimize the entire network based on what's been attached.  All it takes is one device to get this started, and then the network can grow endlessly across any number of devices, or any size geographic area.

Administration is equally simple.  No matter the size of the network, the Meraki Dashboard application can be accessed from anywhere and provides a full overview of every connected device.  From a top-down view of usage, to device-specific configuration and security settings, everything is controlled by an easy-to-use GUI.  As the network expands, the list of devices expands as well, but the interface never changes.

On top of that, the MS120-8 is entirely self-updating.  All onboard system software and other features will automatically update to the latest releases, seamlessly and with no downtime.  That's just one more way the Meraki MS120-8 practically administrates itself.

Small businesses shouldn't have to make do with low-quality off-the-shelf hardware.  A Meraki MS120-8 is an entry point into one of the top networking brands in the world, and ensures a business is starting off its network right.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more about how the MS120-8 fits the needs of small businesses.