meraki ms120-8FPmeraki switch

Designed for use by small businesses, small branch offices, or remote location work, the Cisco Meraki MS120-8FP Layer 2 switch packs a lot of power into a small self-contained package that's highly affordable!  

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Despite the small size, the MS120-8FP includes eight Gigabit Ethernet ports and two SFP Gigabit uplinks, along with full PoE+ support from a power pool of 124W.  It has robust virtual stacking support for easy long-term upgrading.  You also get superior self-monitoring and diagnostic capabilities and the zero touch deployment that Meraki is well-known for.  The MS120-8FP truly packs all the power of an enterprise-grade Meraki device into a tiny, portable desktop box.  

Like all Meraki devices, the MS120-8FP is fully managed by the Meraki Dashboard system - one of the easiest-to-use GUI interfaces on the market for managing a network.  The Meraki Dashboard gives you total control over your network from a cloud-based interface.  Whether you want a top-level overview of the entire network, or need to drill down to user-specific data, everything you need is at your fingertips.  The dashboard itself can be customized to display whatever metrics you need on the front page for easier accessibility.

Plus, the MS120-8FP features some of the top automation features in the industry.  The mesh networking architecture it utilizes allows a Meraki network to instantly adapt to any new hardware, or to heal itself should a piece of hardware fail.  This switch also continuously monitors the state of its cables and other attached devices, and can autonomously send alerts to administrators - via text or email - should anything go wrong.  It can even update itself whenever new system software is released, and without any downtime.  

A well-configured Meraki network can practically manage itself, with minimal administrator intervention needed - and that's a vital feature for small businesses that don't have time to constantly twiddle with hardware.

Is a Meraki network the right choice for your growing small business?  Read on for more information about the MS120-8FP, or contact Hummingbird Networks directly for a full consultation on your options.