Sophos Rackmount.IT Kits


A Rackmount kit gives you the ability to mount your Sophos desktop firewalls in a 19" rack. Each rack kit is designed and developed for certain for precise models to guarantee a perfect fit. Assembly will only take a few minutes and requires no training or extra tools. Easily slide your Sophos appliance into the kits and then fix the power supply to the rack. That’s it and your device is secured.  

Sophos produces a truly world-class line of next generation firewalls and endpoint software protection that will keep your systems safe from even the worst threats. Sophos has a wide range of firewall models for different business sizes, and for very use case. Sophos protects your network from the latest threats while accelerating your important SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud application traffic. Rest assured; your firewall is purpose-built from the core to handle the most demanding workloads.

Get a firewall that adapts to your network, so you don’t need to adapt your network to the firewall. Sophos Firewall offers the features and versatility you need to secure your unique environment. Racking your devices comes with a bunch of benefits you might not have realized, including:

  • Increased physical security of device
  • Front facing connection makes troubleshooting easy
  • Fixed power supply prevents accidental power loss
  • A five minute assemble and installation
  • Increased efficiency dur to proper airflow

One of the best advantages of having a rackmount kit is that as your business scales, your rackmount server can grow right alongside it. As your business grows it is easy to continue to rack more devices and keep your network organized. With a rackmount kit, having all devices together, cable management becomes much easier to organize. This way, you can protect your device from climate, dust, pests, accidents, etc. A rackmount kit may also help with device performance because server racks are designed to maximize airflow.

Rackmount kits for your Sophos device will keep them securing your network efficiently and reliably. Make sure that your network is secure and that your business is protected with a firewall from Sophos. Racking your device with Rackmount will allow your team to maintain your network with ease and organize your workspace. Shop now or learn more.