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With UniFi SHD, Ubiquiti delivers a truly cutting edge 802.11ac Wave 2 access point with an emphasis on security and oversight - and at a cost that's far below most equivalent competing WiFi products.

The UniFi SHD access point features a top-of-the-line 4x4 MU-MIMO 5ghz antenna array, alongside a second 4x4 SU-MIMO 2.4ghz array.  The result is a WiFi access point with unprecedented capabilities to handle diverse deployments and local radio environments.  With the 5ghz antennas capable of a maximum throughput of 1733Gbps, and the 2.4ghz antennas adding another 800Mbps, you have one of the most powerful 802.11ac access points on the market.

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However, Ubiquiti doesn't stop there.  The UniFi SHD also incorporates another radio dedicated to security and monitoring of the local radio environment.  A Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS) is built directly into the hardware, continuously scanning for intruders and blocking them.  

Also unique to the UniFi SHD is support for the airTime and airView software packages - giving administrators total at-a-glance oversight of how their WiFi is being used.  airTime brings realtime packet-level views of usage, while airView allows you to see into the RF environment across all channels.  

Through the combined Ubiquiti Dashboard, these and other software components are available from any location.  From fine-tuning your beam shaping to setting up the built-in guest portal, Ubiquiti makes high-end WiFi management simple and easy - even for multisite deployments.  Even networking newcomers can quickly get a handle on Ubiquiti.

Ubiquiti is quickly reshaping affordable networking, and Hummingbird is proud to be part of it.  Contact us today for a full consultation on Ubiquiti products.