VTech Business Phones

VTech is widely recognized as one of the world leaders in telephone and communications technology, as well as being the world's biggest manufacturer of cordless phones.  With decades of experience in consumer and professional-grade electronics, they are at the top of the communications market for good reason.

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Much of the reason VTech remains so popular is that they keep their prices low.  Because they own all their own factories and assembly facilities, they can streamline production and minimize expenditures.  These savings get passed on in the form of superior hardware that still costs significantly less than most of their competitors.  Additionally, they offer superior warranties, with 2 or 3 year coverage on their enterprise-grade equipment, which makes them a very safe investment for businesses looking for long-term ROI on their communications infrastructure.

Hummingbird Networks proudly carries a full range of both Conference phones and SIP phones from VTech.  These powerful and cost-effective products are an excellent way to expand the communications capabilities of your facilities, with options to suit a wide variety of upgrade budgets.

Conference Phones

VTech is one of the leaders in conference phone technology, taking their products well beyond the noisy, hard-to-use phones of the competition.  By integrating DECT wireless microphone technology, multiple users can access the conference phone simultaneously without having to crowd around it or shout.  Some models can also be used dual-purpose as private phones as well, and wireless extension units are available for multi-room calls.

SIP Phones

With options ranging from basic two-line desk phones to six-line executive models, VTech offers all the features you need in a modern SIP phone in affordable and attractive packages.  For on-the-go talkers, they also offer wireless models with long ranges for easy use around the office.

To explore VTech product lines in more depth, just click on the categories above or contact Hummingbird Networks directly to discuss your options in VTech telephony.