APC Power Strips & Surge Protectors



APC SurgeArrest Surge Protection

Intended for home offices and small office environments, APC SurgeArrest surge protectors offer enterprise-grade surge protection at prices any small business can afford.  These small surge protection strips pack a lot of features into a small package, while retaining the plug-and-go convenience you expect from a surge protection strip.

SurgeArrest power strips utilize thermal fusing technology to keep your attached equipment safe from unexpected power surges, such as from lightning strikes or fluctuations in power delivered by your local company.  Multi-stage suppression technology helps guarantee no harmful surge gets through the strip, while a built-in noise filter ensures there's no electromagnetic interference causing problems with your devices.

Every APC SurgeArrest strip comes with six outlets, and handles input\output voltage from 104 to 126 Vac.   Depending on the model, a SurgeArrest strip can handle surges ranging from 540J to 1440J, with a response time of less than 1ns.  Some models include an indicator to let you know if the grounding is satisfactory.  If you need protection on your RJ-45 telephone connectors, the PE6T model includes two standard telephone jacks.

APC stands by their products.  Every APC SurgeArrest adapter comes with a full lifetime warranty and a $50,000 Equipment Protection Policy.  If your SurgeArrest unit should ever fail and cause damage to your hardware, APC will reimburse you.  A SurgeArrest strip isn't just a surge protector - it's an insurance policy.

No business, of any size, should ever operate without a surge protector shielding attached equipment from power fluctuations.  APC is the leader in the surge protection industry and can be trusted with your computers - for a lifetime.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more!