Aruba Wireless Access Point Mounts & Brackets


Aruba wireless access control solutions make it easier to manage networks of different sizes and with various devices. This helps employees connect to the network easily, improving user experience and administrative efficiency in the process. Wireless networks can be more secure as well, owing to ease of device management.

Aruba makes durable bracket mounts that can be installed high on a wall. The brackets help protect the device from tampering and provide an optimal signal. Hardware is included for installation and a cutout in the back provides easy cable routing. The brackets are designed to be mounted horizontally or vertically, so they're perfect for any space. Simply secure the bracket to the wall using mounting hardware and your Wi-Fi access point (WAP) is now in its ideal location. The slim and compact design of the brackets allows for placement anywhere. The product is designed to fit any access point from any manufacturer. A removable door allows for easy cable management. Ideally suited for standard ceilings, the product can be adjusted to fit custom ceiling heights.

Their wall brackets are constructed from heavy-duty cold-rolled steel with a durable white powder-coated finish. It’s recommended for offices, dorms, hotels, classrooms, small businesses, and other indoor areas where you need to keep your WAP secure, organized, and out of the way, as well as strengthen a Wi-Fi signal in the part of an office. The wall mounting brackets have a range of adjustments to accommodate various ceiling heights. The company also offers a variety of antenna types and lengths to further optimize your wireless access point.

Aruba Access Point Mounting Kits Feature:

- Installs high on a wall to protect router/modem/WAP from theft or tampering

- A heavy-duty steel bracket allows an optimum Wi-Fi signal in all directions

- Open rear cutout allows easy access to data and power cabling

- Equipment-mounting hardware included attached to a wall with user-provided hardware