Adtran 908e: A Fresh Look

Posted by John Ciarlone on 12th Oct 2015

Adtran 908eDesigned for growing SMBs looking towards full voice/data convergence, as well as self-hosted VoIP, the ADTRAN 908e is an excellent business gateway with a multitude of features that put it ahead of other hardware in its class.

Like so much of ADTRAN's hardware, this SIP gateway packs a lot of features into a small package, making it ideal for smaller ventures which need to minimize the amount of hardware they purchase.

Let's take a look...

The ADTRAN Total Access 908e: A Powerful Business Gateway

Just to begin with, calling the Total Access 908e merely a "gateway" is somewhat misleading, as it includes a full integrated IP router as well. This adds significant advantages, as well as making it possible to use it in a variety of roles across your organization.

The new Third Generation model features two 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports, as well as adding a Gigabit Ethernet port for improved downstream speeds. Additionally, it features 8 FXS ports for connecting legacy copper-wire telephone equipment, as well as optionally supporting an FXO-based lifeline. For those who are interested in hosting their VoIP systems on-site, the ADTRAN 908e also includes full enterprise Session Border Control capability, giving you superior security at the network edge.

The result is a seamless point of unification for all data and voice transmissions, whether the voice calls are using VoIP or copper service.

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On-board software is equally full-featured, with both QoS packet optimizations as well as VQM systems for tracking and analyzing your VoIP network's performance. This gateway further integrates a full stateful inspection firewall capable of stopping DOS attacks, bringing further security to the gateway.

The ADTRAN Total Access 908e is fully compatible with major softswitches and call agents, while support for both SIP and MGCP protocols bring compatibility with a wide variety of existing VoIP systems.

Significantly improved processor speeds over previous models allow the Third Generation Total Access 908e to perform all these tasks simultaneously with little noticeable slowdown. Overall throughput and processing capabilities are over 40% higher than previous hardware versions. This places it well ahead of most other gateway\routers in its class.

An ADTRAN 908e still remains easy to manage, thanks to the powerful AOS operating system. It includes full CLI support, as well as a windowed GUI that allows both newcomers and experienced administrators to quickly and easily configure the device. As your ADTRAN network expands, AOS will expand as well to bring easy oversight of the entire system.

Finally, an industry-leading 5-year warranty from ADTRAN guarantees that this SIP Gateway can remain in service for many years to come.

ADTRAN Brings Enterprise-Grade Networking To SMBs

All told, the ADTRAN Total Access 908e packs a surprising number of features into its rugged metal case. It can be used as a plain IP gateway, or as a dedicated controller for your VoIP, or for Unified Communications, or even in powering MAN-scale network applications.

In terms of price, power, and long-term value, the Total Access 908e is an excellent investment for a wide range of growing operations. Contact Hummingbird Networks today to get all the details.

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