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Cisco Cloud Services Router 1000V APPX Package - Subscription License (1 Year) - 50 Mbps - ESD - Cisco Smart Licensing - L-CSR-50M-APP-1S=

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  • Ownership
    An enterprise can deploy a CSR 1000V in the cloud, access its command-line interface (CLI), and manage it using the Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
  • Seamless connectivity and enterprise-class scalability
    With its range of VPN and routing features, the CSR 1000V can fit into any enterprise network topology. An enterprise can directly and dynamically connect its distributed sites to its cloud deployment, avoiding the latency caused by the typical backhaul through the data center while overcoming the management complexity of point-to-point IPsec VPNs.
  • Consistent WAN architecture
    The Cisco IOS-based CSR 1000V complements the widely deployed Cisco ISRs and ASRs. Enterprises can now deploy a Cisco endpoint at every node in their network, allowing for consistent network configuration and security policies across their distributed hybrid networks.
  • MPLS extension within a cloud
    A service provider can manage the cloud connectivity of its customers and offer performance and reliability guarantees with the help of a dedicated CSR 1000V (serving as a customer-edge router) per customer.
  • Intra-cloud scale
    A typical cloud network is highly switched. A router hands off incoming traffic to a group of switches, which assign the traffic to customer VLANs. In this network architecture, the cloud provider cannot scale beyond 4.096 VLANs per router, limiting the number of customers it can support. The CSR 1000V, serving as a customer-edge or as a provider-edge extension, can help overcome these scale limitations by creating routing overlays within the cloud, minimizing the providers' dependence on VLANs.
  • IP mobility
    The cloud-based CSR 1000V can serve as a LISP router, building a tunnel with a LISP-enabled router in the enterprise's data center so an application can be transported across the tunnel with a fixed identifier.
  • VM migration
    The cloud-based CSR 1000V can serve as an OTV router, building a bridge with an OTV-enabled router in the enterprise's data center so that a VLAN can be extended to the cloud.

The Cisco CSR 1000V Cloud Services Router provides a cloud-based virtual router that is deployed on a virtual machine (VM) instance on x86 server hardware. The Cisco CSR 1000V router is a virtual platform that provides selected Cisco IOS XE security and switching features on a virtualization platform.
When the Cisco CSR 1000V virtual IOS XE software is deployed on a VM, the Cisco IOS software functions just as if it were deployed on a traditional Cisco hardware platform. You can configure different features depending on the supported Cisco IOS XE software image. The Cisco CSR 1000V supports a subset of Cisco IOS XE software features and technologies.
The Cisco CSR 1000V provides secure connectivity from the enterprise premise (such as a branch office or data center) to the public or private cloud.

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