cisco meraki ms120-48LPmeraki switches

With Meraki, deploying and managing a large-scale business network is nearly effortless.  The cloud-based architecture of Meraki allows all connected devices to self-configure based on shared configurations, as well as automatically optimizing network traffic according to the capabilities of each attached device.  All new devices added to the network self-configure within moments.

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The Cisco Meraki MS120-48LP is a superior entry into the MS120 lineup, with a full 48 ports capable of supporting a large array of connected devices and 370W PoE support for keeping them powered.  The MS120-48LP also includes support for virtual stacking, adding more options for expanding its capacity.  As such, the MS120-48LP is a highly functional and versatile addition to Meraki's selection of Ethernet switches and could be a valuable part of many office networks. 

Meraki even self-updates, so that administrators need never worry that their firmware is out of date or vulnerable to intrusion.

However, administrators who want to take direct control have a wealth of options at their fingertips.  The world-class Meraki Dashboard system is accessible from anywhere, bringing all the power of a CLI but in a GUI that virtually anyone could learn quickly and easily.  It displays all needed information at a glance, while giving administrators the capability to 'drill down' to any level of network access.

They have robust self-configuration options as well, including security policies, mobile device management, and app-level configuration and oversight.  Robust reporting capabilities ensure that it's never hard to have a full handle on the usage of a Meraki network, no matter how large or geographically diverse it might be.  

Hummingbird Networks proudly partners with Cisco Meraki to present a full line of products.  Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of Meraki.