Ubiquiti airFiber Point to Point Wireless Bridges


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Ubiquiti airFiber is a revolutionary new point-to-point wireless broadcasting platform, at a surprisingly low price point.  airFiber offers a new way to handle carrier backhaul, building-to-building connection sharing, public safety and service options, and more.  Point-to-point bridging has never been easier.

airFiber is designed to be deployed even in environments with heavy RF noise and interference, without losing capacity or dipping into unacceptable service levels.  Every airFiber radio uses a 2x2 transmitter array, combined with two way synchronous data streams, for maximum transmission speeds and coverage.  Through Ubiquiti's patent-pending Hybrid Division Duplexing technology, packet transmission latency is nearly nonexistent - even when transmitting over long ranges.  Transmission distances with airFiber can be 100km or more!

airFiber also eliminates much of the security risk associated with wired backhauls and other long-distance cable runs.  There's no concern about copper theft, deliberate vandalism, or accidental breakage.  airFiber truly lives up to its name - a fiber connection, broadcast over the airwaves.

Ubiquiti offers numerous models in its airFiber line, depending on your specific needs and capabilities.  Throughput begins at 500Mbps, and goes up to 2Gbps or more.  Frequency options include both mid- and high-band 5ghz, 2.4ghz, 3ghz, or 4ghz.  

However, you don't need a high-priced networking expert to deploy Ubiquiti airFiber systems!  They are plug-and-play devices, designed for simple deployment and setup.  All administration is handled through Ubiquiti's streamlined Ubiquiti Dashboard GUI.  This same interface can quickly manage all your airFiber units, as well as all other Ubiqiti hardware on your network - including routers, switches, WiFi APs, and even security cameras.

Ubiquiti is a brand aimed at disrupting the market, and making high-end hardware available to a far wider range of customers.  To learn more about potential applications and usage cases for Ubiquiti airFiber systems, just contact Hummingbird Networks.