ADTRAN NetVanta 3448

adtran 3448 NetVanta 3448

Adtran NetVanta 3448

For an easy all-in-one solution for small-business WAN expansions, the multipurpose ADTRAN NetVanta 3448 router can overcome a lot of challenges.  This modular access router supports two T1s while integrating an onboard 8-port Ethernet switch.   The Network Interface Slot supports all current NIM or DIM cards for maximum compatibility.

The ADTRAN 3448 line can work well on the rack, or as a standalone unit supporting a small office.  You also have a wide range of options for the NetVanta 3448, depending on your own needs and future roadmap.  Beyond the basic model, you can also include support for an external PoE power supply, IPSec VPN tunneling support, or Enterprise Session Border Control supporting 50 or 100 simultaneous VoIP SIP connections.

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On top of this, the ADTRAN NetVanta 3448 line incorporates ADTRAN's RapidRoute Technologies for blazing-fast packet routing with no slowdown, even while running processor-heavy optimizations.  You get performance far beyond most routers.

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