APC Smart-UPS Online


Smart-UPS On-Line Power Protection

Businesses around the world trust APC by Schneider Electric to provide surge protection and uninterruptible power to their computer and networking systems.  With APC Smart-UPS On-Line uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), you have 120/208V options suitable for protecting mission-critical network hardware, research equipment, VoIP servers, and more.

Smart-UPS On-Line units can provide high-density, double-conversion power, with loads ranging from 1kVA to 10kVA, depending on your needs.  Units supporting 6, 8, or 10kVA loads can handle even the most power-hungry servers or fully-loaded network racks, without issue.  If needed, any Smart-UPS On-Line UPS can be loaded with multiple battery packs, to extend your on-line time.

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Management of Smart-UPS On-Line hardware is simple, thanks to APC's PowerChute software.  You can quickly and easily oversee and configure your UPS units - even remotely, with the 5-10kVA units which include built-in network management cards.  PowerChute can also be used to initiate graceful shutdown of network operating systems, when needed.  

Smart-UPS On-Line units also include front-panel multi-color LCD screens, making it easy to get an at-a-glance overview of each unit's capacity and current condition.  Color-coded warnings make it obvious if there's ever a problem with your unit or its power.

With an APC UPS, you'll be protected by the very best in the industry.  APC Smart-UPS On-Line systems are designed to handle demanding power conditions.  They accept a wide range of input voltages, while still providing a tight, well-regulated output voltage with frequency regulation and input power factor correction. 

APC provides the very best in cutting-edge power supply regulation, surge protection, and battery-backup systems which are suitable for even the most demanding or mission-critical role.  APC is the world's most-trusted brand of power regulation products, and can easily find a home in your office, server room, or research facilities.

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