Aruba AirWave Licenses

HPE Aruba AirWave is a leading network management solution that simplifies day-to-day operations for large-scale campus environments. AirWave offers powerful tools that allow IT, administrators, to manage their entire network from a single interface, including wireless access points, wireless controllers and switches, security devices, and video surveillance equipment.

AirWave's unique architecture enables IT, administrators, to make changes on one device and have those changes propagate throughout the entire network. This allows administrators to make changes in minutes instead of hours or days, which is crucial when managing many devices.

Manage multiple generations of switches and wireless access points from just about any vendor, while getting granular visibility across your access infrastructure. Aruba AirWave is a versatile multi-vendor wired and wireless network management system. If you're looking for unlimited scale, AIOps, and more, consider moving to Aruba Central: a cloud-managed networking solution.

Key Features:

- WLAN, wired LAN, and VPN management

- Zero-touch provisioning

- Contact tracing and location tracing 

- User and application visibility and control

- Wi-Fi connectivity health analytics  

- Physical and virtual appliance options  

- Multivendor and 3rd party integration

AirWave was developed to meet the unique needs of IT professionals managing networks with thousands of devices. Aruba AirWave is a versatile network management system (NMS) for enterprise campus wired, wireless, and remote connectivity. Supporting a wide range of features such as zero-touch provisioning, enhanced client visibility, traffic analysis, reporting, and multivendor integration, AirWave is ideally suited to manage Aruba and third-party network devices.

Deployed as purpose-built hardware or virtual machine image, each AirWave server supports up to 4,000 network devices (access points, switches, and controllers). For organizations with the need for more flexible services, higher scale, and performance, learn about the next generation management capabilities of Aruba Central, AI-powered network operations, analytics, and security solution that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.