Aruba Gateways

HPE Aruba gateways are a powerful way to extend the reach of your network. They can be installed in a variety of locations, from your branch offices to the homes of remote employees. When combined with an Aruba controller or antenna extender, they allow you to create a secure and reliable connection between your networks.

When it comes to Aruba gateways, there are three things that matter: features, benefits, and how it works. Features include WAN port speeds up to 1Gbps, PoE support, and IPsec VPN support. Benefits include a reduction in network costs, improved network performance, and reduced power consumption at branch offices. How it works is simple: all you need is an Aruba controller and an Aruba gateway and you can immediately begin using them to connect multiple sites into one seamless network that's easy to manage remotely.

Aruba gateways are designed to make your network more secure, reliable, and efficient. With an Aruba gateway, you can deploy multiple security services on a single device that's easy to manage and maintain. Coupled with the benefits of Aruba's cloud-based infrastructure, an Aruba gateway is your best bet for a strong and secure network.

The benefits of ArubaOS gateways include:

- A single point of management with centralized control through a single console

- Single pane of glass visibility into all devices on your network

- Simplified provisioning of devices and users across multiple locations/branches through a single unified process

- No need for dedicated servers; get the same powerful capabilities as other enterprise-class solutions but with cloud-based cost savings

Aruba gateways are the ideal solution if you're looking to connect your wired network to a wireless one. They allow you to securely extend your wired network and access it from anywhere in your building, even if you're not in the same room as your gateway. You can also use HPE Aruba gateways for other purposes, like creating a guest network or implementing a BYOD policy.