Aruba Wireless Access Points


Aruba's indoor and outdoor wireless access points (Aruba waps) support seamless connectivity for Wi-Fi 6, interoperability with previous generations of Wi-Fi, and IoT devices. The new wireless access points and software are also backward compatible with all previous generations of Wi-Fi and all Wi-Fi-certified devices. Networks that have been upgraded with Aruba's line of wireless access points will continue to allow Wi-Fi 5 devices to operate while providing the benefits of the Wi-Fi 6 upgrade.

A powerful combination of end-to-end solution expertise, mobility, and superior applications and services makes this the ultimate enterprise Wi-Fi solution. Aruba access points support a flexible and outdoor-ready design that helps reduce deployment costs in outdoor areas. It is ideal for large-scale venue and campus deployments. The indoor wireless access points help ensure smooth Wi-Fi accessibility in packed high-traffic venues and regions.

Aruba has a range of indoor, outdoor, and remote access points available as part of its wireless portfolio. Aruba's point-to-point feature is designed to boost IT, user, and IoT experiences with enterprise connectivity that is simple, fast, and secure. When performance is the focus, Aruba APs come with built-in artificial intelligence features and support the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards. They can also be deployed as different form factors for any environment. Aruba’s wireless access points offer:

- High performance, efficiency, and security

- Invested in a full range of Wi-Fi 6 certified indoor APs to support enterprise growth in devices, mobility, and IoT

- AI is built into our APs to optimize the user experience and eliminate sticky client issues

- The flexibility to manage wireless networks on-premises or in the cloud using Aruba Central.

Ruggedized models are also able to withstand extreme temperature and humidity requirements. Aruba APs provide seamless wireless connectivity for large public places and remote sites. Set up your remote site with Aruba Wi-Fi. Aruba remote access points are automatically configured, so employees just plug them into any existing internet connection and they are ready to go!