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aruba access points

Aruba Networking - a subsidiary of HP - has been making big waves recently with their lineup of 802.11ac WiFi access points.  Aruba combines cutting edge technology, unprecedented flexibility in configuration, and has options available to fit virtually any need.  From home offices to global enterprises, whether indoors or out, there's an Aruba 802.11ac WiFi access point to fit every need.

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No matter what device model you choose, Aruba offers superior flexibility in how that device is utilized.  This allows their products to bring superior ROI, because it's that much easier to repurpose and reuse them across an extended active lifespan.  Most Aruba products can be configured in five separate ways.

  • As a standalone "Instant Access Point," capable of being set up within minutes and configured over the air.
  • As part of a larger centrally-controlled Aruba network, united under their ArubaOS interface.
  • As part of a shared-security mesh network.
  • As a remote-access device, configured and\or accessed via secure encrypted VPN.
  • As a dedicated radio frequency analysis and tracking appliance, with wireless intrusion detection capabilities.

Additionally, some models also include secondary Ethernet ports for direct wired access.  

Further, Aruba offers more options in case styles and ruggedness than most other brands.  Along with standard indoor and outdoor weatherproofed models, Aruba includes unique ruggedized indoor models.  These utilize sealed cases and can operate under extreme temperatures, allowing them to be deployed in freezers, warehouses without air conditioning, or spaces with a higher-than-average chance of physical damage such as within indoor sports facilities.

Whether you need a small, portable unit to add WiFi anywhere you need it, or you want cutting-edge 802.11ac Wave 2 speeds exceeding 4Gbps, there's a model of Aruba WiFi access point to match.  Read on to learn more about individual products, or contact Hummingbird Networks for a full consultation.