NetVanta 3430 - A Reliable Small Business Router

Posted by John Ciarlone on 12th Sep 2015

NetVanta 3430The ADTRAN NetVanta 3430 router is a workhorse that's highly popular among growing SMBs that need affordable networking equipment that can still deliver the business-class service their customers and clients expect. And the 3430 is among ADTRAN's most popular models specifically because it exemplifies this: It's low-cost, high-power, and packed with features that are targeted directly towards the needs of smaller operations.

If you have a small operation and you're rapidly outgrowing off-the-shelf hardware, the ADTRAN 3430 is a good example of how you don't need expensive top-grade hardware to create an excellent network.

The NetVanta 3430: A Great Choice For SMBs

The 3430 is a Fast Ethernet 10/100 modular access router, featuring dual LAN interfaces for greater flexibility in deployment. Its raw speed may not impress, but that's compensated for in many ways by one of its best features; ADTRAN RapidRoute technologies. These systems allow for blazing-fast packet route decision-making, with minimal burden on the central CPU. This gives it a packet throughput comparable to much larger and more expensive router, as well as freeing up its processor for high-end tasks.

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And there are plenty of extra systems built into the NetVanta 3430. ADTRAN has always had a focus on multi-functionality, which is another reason they're a good choice for SMBs. This router has a full stateful inspection firewall included, plus a WiFi controller. That's potentially three boxes, in one.

Additionally, it has high-powered VoIP processing systems. It includes full QoS optimizations with DiffServ marking and multiple queueing options, as well as Network Address Translation services. A simple software upgrade also gives it full Voice Quality Monitoring features. This all makes it a great choice for SMBs who need a single box dedicated to VoIP management.

Other add-ons can further increase the utility value of an ADTRAN 3430. Another software upgrade allows it to host up to 500 simultaneous VPN connections, with high-bitrate encryption protecting your traffic. Or, use the standard Interface Module slot to add a variety of additional connectors, such as for T1 or backup dialup/ISDN connections.

And, again, thanks to the superior systems engineering ADTRAN has put into the NetVanta 3430, all these features can be active simultaneously without significantly affecting its basic routing functionality.

As far as the interface goes, there's a standard command line if you happen to have a Unix guru on your team. However, for everyone else, ADTRAN has one of the easiest-to-use GUIs in the business. Again, it's built for small businesses and assumes little technical expertise. The graphic interface is web-based, allowing it to be accessed from anywhere, with a simple Windows-style layout designed for easy day-to-day administration.

A Solid SMB Network Doesn't Need To Break The Bank

The truth is, network technology is advancing faster than all but the largest companies can keep up with. There are plenty of options currently on the market which can easily meet the needs of growing smaller operations, and the ADTRAN NetVanta 3430 is among the best. This powerful little router packs a lot of features into its small frame.

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