ADTRAN NetVanta 3430

Adtran 3430 NetVanta 3430

adtran 3430

The ADTRAN 3430 line of modular access routers is a compact and secure option for corporate WAN segmentation, DMZ applications, and backup broadband support.  They integrate ADTRAN's proprietary RapidRoute Technology to intelligently manage traffic and swiftly process packet routing decisions.

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The NetVanta 3430 line was designed for modularity and the ability to fit a number of different roles in the organization.  It features an easy-access Network Interface Slot that accepts a variety of inputs, along with dual-Ethernet outputs.  You also have the option of adding IPSec encryption and VPN tunneling capabilities with the Enhanced Feature Pack or targeting VoIP expansion with the Enterprise Session Border Control Pack.

This router is rack-mountable, quiet, and low-power thanks to ADTRAN's energy optimization systems.  Any entry in the line would be a great option for a smaller operation looking to expand across multiple buildings.

For more information, full product details follow.  Or, contact Hummingbird Networks today for a free consultation on the right low-cost, high-power ADTRAN network components for your growing business.