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Cisco Advanced Malware Protection For Endpoints - Cloud Subscription License - AMP4E-CL-LIC

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  • Continuous analysis
    AMP for Endpoint uses cloud-based big data analytics to go beyond point-in-time detection by constantly reevaluating new and historical data gathered over time to detect stealthy attacks.
  • Outbreak control
    AMP for Endpoint provides the capabilities to detect and control suspicious files across endpoints for both future and past threat occurrences. Outbreak control is one of the key features that help you quickly stop malware from spreading in your environment.
  • IoCs
    AMP for Endpoint automatically correlates multisource security event data, such as intrusion and malware events, to help security teams connect events to larger, coordinated attacks.
  • File reputation
    Employs advanced analytics and collective intelligence to determine whether a file is clean or malicious, improving the accuracy of detection.
  • File analysis and sandboxing
    Uses a highly secure environment to execute, analyze, and test malware behavior, helping you discover previously unknown zero-day threats.
  • File trajectory
    Tracks file propagation in your environment over time, so you can minimize the time required to scope a malware breach.
  • Device trajectory
    Tracks system-level activity and communications over time, allowing you to quickly understand root causes and the history of events leading up to and following a compromise.
  • Elastic Search
    Provides a simple, unbounded search across file, telemetry, and collective security intelligence data, helping you connect the context and scope of an exposure to an IoC or malicious application.
  • Protection beyond point-in-time
    AMP for Endpoint applies a retrospective security approach to traditional detection, helping defenses improve on point-in-time capabilities and become more effective, efficient, and pervasive.
  • Attack-chain visibility
    AMP for Endpoint does more than retrospection. It introduces a new level of intelligence, linking, and correlating various forms of retrospection into a lineage of activity available for real-time analysis. It then looks for patterns of malicious behavior on an individual endpoint or across the environment of endpoints.
  • Advanced analysis
    AMP for Endpoint provides automated, advanced behavior detection capabilities that deliver a prioritized and collated view of top areas of compromise and risk.
  • Investigation that turns the hunted into the hunter
    AMP for Endpoint shifts investigative activities beyond looking for facts and clues to a focused hunt for breaches based on actual events like malware detections and behavioral IoCs.
  • Simplified containment
    AMP for Endpoint provides visibility into a chain of events and context that complements its dashboards and trajectory views. AMP for Endpoint lets you target specific applications, files, malware, and other root causes, making it quick, easy, and simple to break the attack chain.
  • Actionable, contextual dashboards
    Reports are not limited to event enumeration and aggregation. AMP for Endpoint reporting includes actionable dashboards and trending that highlights business relevance and impact from a risk perspective.
  • Tightly integrated platforms
    AMP can be activated on your Cisco Email and Web Security solutions with the flip of a switch. For greater visibility and control, AMP can be deployed inline as a dedicated network appliance and at the endpoint as a lightweight connector.

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoint offers the only advanced malware protection system that covers the entire attack continuum - before, during, and after an attack. It provides the continuous analysis and advanced analytics that support Cisco's retrospective security capabilities. Retrospective security is the ability to look back in time and trace processes, file activities, and communications to understand the full extent of an infection, establish the root cause, and perform remediation. The need for retrospective security arises when any indication of a compromise occurs, such as an event trigger, a change in the disposition of a file, or an indication of compromise (IoC) trigger. Retrospective security lets managers go back in time to investigate threats in their systems. Tools such as retrospection, attack-chain correlation, behavioral IoCs, trajectory, and breach hunting allow security professionals to establish scope, visibility, and control in the event of a breach. This capability helps your security team to quickly and effectively remediate all the threats in your environment before it's too late.

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