Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine)

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Cisco is the leading manufacturer and provider of IT networking and security technology to both small and large businesses around the globe. No matter the size of your business, if are a small team or growing enterprise, Cisco has the solutions to increase efficiency, security and productivity of your employees, data, and customers. Cisco manufacturers the networking solutions that you need to keep your business secure and customers happy. They design solutions that are perfect for the modern worker, the worker who doesn’t have a specific place to go into work or can be working anytime and anyplace.

A critical component of any zero-trust strategy is securing the workplace that everyone and everything connects to. Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) enables a dynamic and automated approach to policy enforcement that simplifies the delivery of highly secure network access control. Why enable secure access with ISE?

  • Gain visibility with context and control
  • Extend zero trust to contain threats
  • Accelerate the value of existing solutions

Cisco ISE provides streamlined, scalable network access to help realize a stronger security posture. ISE transforms your network with the capabilities needed to handle today's digital demands. With Cisco ISE, you can keep up with threats and maintain zero-trust in the workplace. You will also be able to boost productivity and reduce the size your attack surface. Don’t just remove threats, block them for good with Cisco ISE.

ISE gives your network guest and secure wireless access, to make onboarding and provisioning easy and simple. You gain visibility into your network so you can easily find and fix devices that are ignoring your security policies. With ISE, you also get to strengthen you BYOD strategy, because users can use their devices without the security headache for you. With ISE you receive software-defined network segmentation shrinks the attack surface, limits the spread of ransomware, and enables rapid threat containment. Integrates with Cisco and third-party solutions to bring an active arm of protection into passive security solutions and increase your ROI.

Take advantage of one of the industry's best-integrated and most comprehensive security portfolios. Experience the centerpiece in zero-trust security for the workplace. Shop Cisco Identity Service Engine now.