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Take Your Network Security to the Next Level With Cisco AMP From Hummingbird Networks

Today, cyber-crime is running rampant.  Malicious actors from all over the world are becoming increasingly clever -and audacious- in creating attacks against modern businesses, from stealing their data to outright blackmailing them for access to their own files.  The vast majority of "off the shelf" security solutions simply cannot provide the sort of network-wide, consistently updated protections businesses need to stay secure.

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Cisco Advanced Malware Protection - AMP - is the solution.  Cisco AMP is the most reliable hardware-agnostic endpoint protection system on the market.  It relies on Cisco's own dedicated TALOS security group, a 24/7 operation which is consistently analyzing millions of samples of malware every day, looking to identify and subvert attack vectors with a minimum of delay. 

How Cisco AMP Keeps You Safe

The industry average for responding to a new form of malware threat is 100 days.  The Cisco TALOS response average is just a few hours.  No other security product currently on the market can match this response time.  With Cisco AMP, you get security updates almost instantly.

Cisco AMP seeks to protect your business at all possible points during the "lifespan" of an attempted intrusion:

Before the attack Cisco AMP watches your endpoint borders and flags any suspicious files for further investigation or sandbox analysis. 

During an attack if a potentially unauthorized application (PUA) slips through, AMP works directly with Cisco's threat analysis software to identify the vector and shut it down before it causes any real damage.  All information gathered then goes into TALOS' systems to increase overall protections.

After the attack AMP goes into a hyper-protective mode, watching the network carefully for any unusual behavior -even from files previously deemed safe- just in case the attack did further damage which wasn't detected at an earlier stage.

With compatibility across all network types and device endpoints - including PCs, Macs, and mobile devices - Cisco AMP is the gold standard in quick-response/quick-recovery business network security systems.  

Choose the Best Protection for Your Network

Currently, there is Cisco AMP and then everything else.  With license terms of 1, 3, or 5 years and price points accommodating 50 to 25,000+ users, there's a subscription option to fit businesses of all sizes.

Pair this together with Cisco’s Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW), and you will have a solid security infrastructure.

Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more about how Cisco AMP can keep you safe where other security products cannot.