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Cisco UCS Central Multi-Domain Manager - License - 1 Server - Volume - 100+ Licenses - UCS-MDMGR-100S

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  • Personalized dashboard
    Users can personalize their Cisco UCS Central software dashboard with summary widgets and pins to provide a custom view of the information that is most important to them.
  • Centralized inventory
    You no longer need manual inventory spreadsheets. Cisco UCS Central software automatically aggregates a global inventory of all Cisco UCS components, organized by domain, with customizable refresh schedules. Cisco UCS Central software provides even easier integration with ITIL processes, with direct access to the inventory through an XML interface.
  • Centralized fault summary
    Quickly and easily view the status of all Cisco UCS infrastructure with a quick-look global fault summary panel. This panel provides a fault summary organized by domain and fault type, with views into individual Cisco UCS Manager domains for greater fault detail and more rapid problem resolution. You can view faults in increasing levels of detail, opening Cisco UCS Manager in context for an integrated experience.
  • Global administrative policies
    Help ensure compliance and staff efficiency with global administrative policies. You define these policies at the domain group level, and they can manage anything in the infrastructure, from date and time and user authentication to equipment power and system event log (SEL) policies.
  • Global Cisco UCS service profiles and templates
    Just like Cisco UCS service profiles and templates, which have made IT departments so much more effective, Cisco UCS global service profiles and templates enable fast and simplified infrastructure deployment and help ensure consistency of configurations throughout the enterprise. This feature enables global bare-metal workload mobility in much the same way as a hypervisor enables virtualized workload mobility.
  • Backup
    Cisco UCS Central software has an automatic backup facility that enables quick and efficient back up of the configuration information for the registered Cisco UCS Manager instances and Cisco UCS Central software.
  • Global ID pooling
    Eliminate identifier conflicts and help ensure portability of software licenses with Cisco UCS Central software. Centralize the sourcing of all IDs, such as universal user IDs (UUIDs), MAC addresses, IP addresses, and World Wide Names (WWNs), from global pools and gain real-time ID use summaries. With centralized server identifier information, you can easily, for example, move a server identifier between Cisco UCS domains anywhere in the world and reboot an existing workload to run on the new server. Global pools even support domain-specific ID ranges so that service profiles can be assigned different IDs depending on the domain to which the server belongs.
  • Domain grouping and subgrouping
    Simplify policy management by creating domain groups and subgroups. A domain group is an arbitrary grouping of Cisco UCS domains that can be used to group systems into geographical or organizational groups. Each domain group can have up to five levels of subdomains, which helps you more easily manage policy exceptions when administering large numbers of Cisco UCS domains. Each subdomain has a hierarchical relationship with the parent domain.
  • Statistics aggregation
    Gain a better understanding of the way your Cisco UCS domains are functioning over time to improve operations so your systems can smoothly handle periodic peaks and shifts in workload. To accelerate the collection of statistics, the centralized database schema is open, and you can access data directly or through the Cisco UCS Central software GUI, command-line interface (CLI), or
    XML API.
  • High availability
    Cisco UCS Central software is designed with no single point of failure. High availability for Cisco UCS Central software allows organizations to run Cisco UCS Central software using an active-standby model with a heartbeat that automatically fails over if the active Cisco UCS Central software does not respond.

As organizations scale their Cisco UCS infrastructure, managing it consistently with global policies is ever more important. Cisco UCS Central manages multiple Cisco UCS instances (or domains) across globally distributed data centers, allowing IT departments to enjoy the benefits of simplified, unified management of compute, network, and storage access resources.

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