Fortinet E(z) RF Network Manager Licenses

The Fortinet E(z) RF Network Manager Licenses is a solution for managing 802.11 networks that is both intelligent and comprehensive. It operates on Meru's plug-and-play Service Appliance and offers centralized administration for corporate wireless LANs of all sizes. This is accomplished via RF visualization, wireless performance dashboards, and fault management. It offers quick access to real-time and cumulative performance statistics for the network as a whole, as well as for individual customers and access points.

The application cuts the amount of time needed for debugging and user downtime from days to minutes by using techniques such as continuous event recording, data mining, and a knowledge-based inference engine. The system enables network administrators to "rewind" the WLAN, recreating prior event sequences to determine the source of a problem days after it has occurred, even if the fault occurred between the client and the network. This is made possible by the steady RF environment offered by Meru's Virtual Cell design. In addition to this, it is fully integrated with Meru's Service Assurance Platform, sharing the same basic administrative interface as well as the same hardware.