Fortinet FortiPrivateCloud Licenses

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The FortiGate, FortiWiFi, and FortiAP product lines will all benefit from the security analytics and administration capabilities offered by the FortiPrivateCloud hosted solution. This makes it possible for managed service providers to provide highly customized private cloud services to their customers. A multitenant, multi-tier management architecture is at the core of FortiPrivateCloud's provision of an extensive collection of Wi-Fi and security administration tools. It was designed from the ground up to fulfill the demands placed on managed service providers by managed service providers. This enables managed service providers (MSPs) to monitor and manage all of their customers' networks from a single point of control. It also makes it possible to establish up client portals for self-service, which can be done quickly and does not need expensive development or maintenance. The benefits of a public cloud in terms of power, efficiency, and functionality are combined with the advantages of a dedicated environment in terms of administration, performance, and security in FortiPrivateCloud.