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IT businesses are having a difficult time keeping up with the life-cycle operations connected with onboarding, policy, and reporting for a diverse array of user roles. These roles include visitors, contractors, and even employees. This is because mobile devices are becoming more widespread, and users are coming to rely more and more on a broad variety of workplace productivity software. The end user's participation in certain activities, most notably self-provisioning, is required in order to successfully manage expectations regarding frictionless access and preprovisioned security in the face of a flood of devices with limited resources and stringent service level agreements (SLAs). Clear automated processes are necessary. Throughout the whole of the BYOD life cycle, Meru Connect provides comprehensive solutions for resolving IT challenges connected to role administration, policy management, and reporting. A simple application that is guided by a wizard may effectively handle all facets of the management of the IT load associated with the adoption of BYOD.