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Hewlett Packard is among the most-installed brands of enterprise-grade networking and cloud-support hardware, and their products are trusted by millions of companies and individuals around the world.  The HP networking line of network hardware combines affordable prices, a design focused on ease-of-use, and a high priority on scalability for companies who expect to grow in the coming years.

HP is also one of the oldest companies in modern computing, having been in electronics since the 1930s as well as becoming one of the country's first companies focused on semiconductor research.  HP's history truly spans the entire Computer Age, and they continue to bring those decades of expertise to their cutting-edge products today.

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HP networking hardware brings several major features to the table:

  • Easy stackability.  Many HP switches are designed for simple stacking, up to 6+ units, with a minimum of wiring or reconfiguration.
  • HP Intelligent Management Center:  Converged networking and Unified Communications become simple with this easy-to-use GUI that controls an entire HP deployment.
  • Software Defined Networking:  SDN allows feature-rich, network-aware shared apps that harness the power of the network to improve employee performance.
  • FlexFabric and FlexManagement systems allow easy virtualization in a constantly-evolving data-based system.
  • HP BYOD:  Bring-Your-Own-Device solutions are tailored for operations that need a maximum of device compatibility and security, with a minimum of intrusion.

Hummingbird Networks carries a full range of HP networking equipment, with options for organizations ranging from small medium businesses to hardware that's capable of handling some of the largest organizations in the world.  

Contact Hummingbird Networks today for a free consultation on Hewlett-Packard networking options!

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