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Aruba Instant On gives your business Wi-Fi that just works. Instant On access points are easy to manage via mobile app and equipped with Smart Mesh for indoor and outdoor coverage, so you can focus on growing your business. Instant-On has a super-fast setup, is simple to use, and is packed with industry-leading security and reliability.  Getting started with Aruba Instant On is as easy as 1,2,3. First, power up your Aruba Instant on access point. Then, download the Instant On mobile app to your phone and follow the steps to configure employee and guest networks. Set up, monitor and manage your Wi-Fi network from anywhere, at any time, with the Instant On app or online with their cloud portal.

Aruba Instant-On uses Smart Mesh technology that allows you to cover your small, medium, or large spaces with ease.  Key features of all APs are fast 802.11ac Wave 2, secure employee and guest access, easy-to-use web and mobile app management. Aruba Instant-On APs offer ultra-fast performance and built-in security that’s ideal for today’s business-ready apps and devices - no matter where you roam.

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