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As the entry point into the Cisco Meraki MS120 line of products, the MS120-24 could be an excellent choice for a smaller organization wanting to get a head start into Meraki networking.  Yet its flexibility will allow it to remain in use for some time, or be deployed by larger organizations in tertiary roles such as at branch offices or remote points-of-sale. 

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With twenty-four Gigabit Ethernet ports and four Gigabit SFP uplinks, the MS120-24 has the capability to handle a small office's data needs.  Virtual stacking capacity allows it to be quickly expanded as well, either locally or remotely.  With Meraki, upgrading to new hardware is always simple, thanks to their zero-touch plug-and-play deployment modes.  Simply plug in the device, register its license and serial numbers, and it's ready to go within moments.  No further configuration is needed.

Meraki's smart network architecture allows this, because the entire network forms a single cohesive mesh.  It automatically adjusts for any device added or removed to always make best use of attached hardware.  Software and firmware updates are also automatic.  A Meraki network will NEVER be out-of-date, because the system seamlessly downloads and installs updates the moment they become available - and without network disruption.

Of course, as with all Meraki products, the Meraki Dashboard brings unprecedented levels of control if you want to further configure or manage your network.  You get total oversight of all connected Meraki devices, both physical and virtual, with the ability to drill down to any level of usage - even the app level.  Likewise, highly specific polices can be implemented at any level for fine-tuning and optimization of your network.

A Meraki network could change how your business views networking, and the MS120-24 is a great entry point.  Read on for more information about the product and accessories, or contact Hummingbird Networks directly to learn more.