meraki ms120-24p poe switchcisco meraki ms120-24p

The MS120-24P is a good option in Cisco Meraki networking for small-to-medium sized organizations, with all the power and capacity you'd expect along with integrated Power-over-Ethernet support for downstream devices.  This rack-mountable unit is extremely quick to install, simple to configure and maintain, and integrates seamlessly with all other Meraki hardware you own or add to your network in the future. 

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The cloud-based nature of Meraki networking is what makes the MS120-24P, along with all their other hardware, so special.  Whether your network is entirely local, or spread across multiple regions, the Meraki system is always aware of every attached device and working to optimize their use and co-ordination to bring superior performance.

Whenever a new device is added, zero-touch deployment allows it to be set up within just a few minutes.  The network itself handles nearly all fundamental configuration, once the unit's serial numbers are registered.

All manual configuration is handled through the exceptional Meraki Dashboard, a single-pane-of-glass GUI designed to be easy for even newcomers to learn while still possessing all the power of a command-line interface.  It's simple to move from a top-level overview of the network, down to individual device configurations or even app-level policies, fine-tuning the system and its security settings to meet your needs.  Administrators don't have to worry about updates, either:  Meraki is entirely self-updating, automatically and seamlessly.

Hummingbird Networks proudly carries a full lineup of Meraki MS120-24P products and accessories, which you can explore below.  Or, contact us directly for a full future-focused consultation on your networking needs and which products can make it a reality.