meraki ms120-48

meraki switches

The Cisco Meraki MS120-48 is a strong mid-range option in the MS120 lineup, featuring forty-eight Gigabit Ethernet ports and enough capacity to support a mid-sized office.  This 1RU rack-mounted switch could easily become one of the key pieces of hardware in a main rack for some time to come, while being able to transition smoothly into secondary or tertiary roles as an organization grows. 

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The MS120-48 also allows for easy upgradability, thanks to its virtual stacking capacity as well as Meraki's streamlined approach to hardware expansion.  The Meraki plug-and-play philosophy allows any new Meraki device to be added to the network with a bare minimum of configuration.  Deployment should never take more than a few minutes, and will never require downtime.

Meraki networks are robust due to their smart mesh network setup, where each device is "aware" of every other device on the network.  The system automatically self-optimizes based on installed hardware.  In addition, a Meraki network will never be out-of-date, due to its automatic and seamless self-updating capacity.  

Your MS120-48 could practically manage itself, although with the Meraki Dashboard GUI, you have plenty of power and control as well.  You get top-level overviews of your entire Meraki network -no matter how large- as well as the ability to configure down to the user level as well.  Full reporting and statistical analysis capabilities allow you to always have complete information about your network's capabilities and how it's being used.

The Meraki MS120-48 could be an excellent beginning into the Meraki ecosystem, or a strong expansion of your existing Meraki network.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more about the benefits of Meraki Networking.